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              DEWAN BUNGA RAYA, INASIS MAS - This program was held on 12 November 2016 organized by the committee and the Bureau of Spirituality and Personality INASIS Malaysia Airlines. Fatin Nabilah Binti Azman has been a Project Director. MAS Quran Hour is the first program organized by the committee and the Bureau of Spirituality and Personality on this semester.

              This program is run in conjunction with 29th UUM Convocation Festival. Among the activities carried out in the MAS program is Quran Hour, 'Isha prayers in congregation, read three chapters of the Quran, and some reminders of the speakers invited.

              Students attend at 8 pm for registration session. The program started with 'Isha prayers in congregation led by students. Furthermore, this program continues with the main activity of reading the Quran, which began with Surah Yasin, Surah Al-Jathiya and ends with Surah Al-Mulk. When finished reading the Quran, the program continues with a presentation of reminders about Al-Mulk excess of invited speakers, Ustazah Dakina Binti Zakaria who was assistant for Islamic Affairs at the Islamic Centre, UUM.

              With a program like this, the relationship between students Inasis MAS can be further strengthened and the knowledge gained from the session can tazkirah practiced in everyday life of the students.


Program director,
Fatin Nabilah binti Azman
Exco of Kerohanian Bereau.

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