Being a center of excellence in the student development towards mental and physical strength, spirited and becoming intelect, knowledgeable, competent, virtuous and smart student for the country.
To build and develop the sector development and illustrious student services, through the provision of efficient and effective structures, processes and systems, and mechanism of quality and professional.


 Develop students' potential in terms of mental, physical and spiritual through the programs and activities of students in the form of curriculum and non-curriculum.




  • Strengthen and enrich knowledge, learning skills and good values and a proactive attitude.
  • Produce and improve the quality of leadership and management students.
  • Plan and manage-control facilities for students to preserve the general campus atmosphere conducive to learning and personal development.
  • Discloses generation of students a vibrant, intelligent, agile and competitive and high fighting spirit to strive for excellence.
  • Creating a group of students who understand their rights and privileges as well as responsibilities towards themselves, religion, race and country.
  • Instill a love and gratitude to UUM and courteous and give back through Alumni
  • Uphold and respect the aspirations and ambitions of the countries.

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