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       MAS Heyday'16 is actually an open day for DPP MAS UUM, and all students are welcome to come and join the activities conducted including outsiders. It was held starting from 17th until 19 of March 2016 at DPP Malaysia Airlines expo's site.

      Before the opening ceremony, Bureau of Siswi had done their MAS Heyday'16 flashmob from DPP MAS to DKG 6 until Foyer Colgis. Other than that, we also hands in the collected money to Student Affairs Management of University Utara Malaysia to buy duckling to show our support to #discoveruum2016.

    The opening ceremony of MAS Heyday'16 had been successfully launched by the Director of Student Affairs of University Utara Malaysia, Dr. Mohd Dino Khairri Bin Shariffuddin and attended by the Principal of DPP Malaysia Airlines Universiti Utara Malaysia, Dr. Mohd Azril B. Ismail.

     Many activities had been conducted by all 9 Bureau of Student Leadership Committee and Development of DPP Malaysia Airlines Universiti Utara Malaysia. Maswag Merchandise and Expo Maswag was conducted under Bureau of Entrepreneurship that sells our DPP merchandise and responsible for negotiation with outsiders and students who wish to book lot for selling foods during MAS Heyday'16.

     Next, Bureau of Academic and Training responsible for conducting Haunted house named "The Cursed" and Maswag Saloon that are exclusively for ladies only. Apart from that, Heyday Sports was conducted by Bureau of Sports was open only for DPP MAS residents. Health Corner and Explorace named, Adventure Begins was organized by Bureau of Health and Security.

      Other than that, Bureau of Integration also conducted a program named, Art Talent which consists of competition such as Tanglung, Kolam and Khat. After that, Bureau of Spirituality and Personality had conducted sub-program named, Lepak Bicara Bersama MPP UUM which basically a program where our High Committee of Students Representative Council were invited to have an open forum with all the students. Last but not least, Bureau of Publicity also conducted a program named, Room Deco that was open only for DPP MAS residents.

       In conjunction with the closing ceremony, Bureau of Cultural had prepared dancers from local students and singer from International Students Society who wished to perform. The closing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni of University Utara Malysia Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Malek Bin Hj Abdul Karim and the Chairman of the Principals Council of Student Residential Hall University Utara Malaysia, Encik Zahril Anwar Bin Malek Abdol Hamid.

      In conclusion, through MAS Heyday'16, DPP Malaysia Airlines University Utara Malaysia had successfully gain profit estimated RM4k and above. Without cooperation from all committee members, this program will not achieve its aim and objective. Thank you to everyone who involved either directly or indirectly to make this event a successful one.


         Nur Adirah Abdul Manaf

         Program Director

         MAS Heyday'16

         High Committee

         Student Leadership Committee and Development

         DPP Malaysia Airlines

         University Utara Malaysia.







    27 November 2015 - Located at futsal court Malaysian Airlines System Student Residential Hall  , Bureau Sport And Recreation has organized a program Let's the game begin: Futsal. This program is designed to provide space and active involvement in sport to the students of Universiti Utara Malaysia.

  Sports and recreational directly to foster the participants adopt a healthy lifestyle and teamwork regardless of age, race and religion during exercise, thus helping to promote University Utara Malaysia to community. Participation is 30 participants from Malaysian Airlines System Student Residential Hall. Futsal game consists of five teams where each team consists of 5 members.

  As a conclusions , through the sports program run, can strengthen the relationship between students in Mas Residential Hall. Lastly, futsal game which makes players physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and

financially healthy and strong.


Project director,

Nur Syafinaz binti Mat Tahil,

Bureau of Sport and Recreation,

DPP Malaysia Airlines,

Universiti Utara Malaysia





    27 November 2015 - Located at Dewan Bunga Raya, Dewan Penginapan Pelajar Malaysia Airlines System, organized by Bureau of Spirituality and Personality. This program was held in order to foster understanding the concept of supernatural especially Qarin among student. Besides that, it is to create awareness among Muslim student about supernatural things that exist around them.

    This program is conducted wit corporation of Pusat Islam and has attracted 176 participants among muslim students from all DPP in UUM. Hopefully, the participants got useful info and can be shared with other students.




       Siti Mariam Binti Kamaludin

       Program Qarin: Si Pendamping Manusia.

       Malaysia Airlines System Student Residential Hall

       University Utara Malaysia



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