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INASIS MAS, UUM - The programme was held on 23 March 2018 and organised by Bureau Sport and Recreation of JKPS INASIS MAS.Mimi Shazreen Binti Zulkifly as Programme Director of Challenge Your Fear Mas Heyday 2018.

Challenge Your Fear was organised in order to focus on the courage, mental and physical resilience of students. The concepts and ideas of this programme are based on the concept of Fear Factor but the challenge has been minimized according to the participants' ability.10 participants from INASIS MAS and another INASIS participated in the programme.

The challenge includes ‘Get the 5 Cents’ which requires participants to find 5 cents coins filled in an insect-filled box without their knowledge. The challenge is to train participants to think positive and dare to face uncertainty. ‘Ice for the Feet’ is a challenge of soaking the legs in a bucket filled with ice and salt while guessing the picture of the idiom drawn by their group members. The aims to educate them to think rationally even under pressure. ‘Candy Coins’ is a challenge where coins and candies are placed in a mealworm-filled container. The participants should choose to pick up coins with high value or lower evaluated candies by using mouth.

This situation trains them to take the risk of getting the best result even it is harder. ‘Challenge Your Brain’ is the game of two irons joint that need to be separated without bending them. This game challenges the participants to think more critically and logically. The next challenge is ‘Chill Out’ where the participants are blindfolded and guided entirely by the instructions of their members as well as the fake instructions of other participants to fill the water in a container. The challenge is aimed to see the effectiveness of communication within the group. The last challenge is ‘Arouse Your Taste Bud’ which requires participants selecting and drinking 3 unspecified drinks. This challenge is to train them to dare to face and dare to take the risk of their own choices.

This challenge-oriented game provides participants with the opportunity to enhance their physical and mental strength while building relationship and strengthening the bond between them.

Programme director,

Mimi Shazreen Binti Zulkifly



PENTAS UTAMA MAS HEYDAY, INASIS MAS – The program was held on 24 March 2018 organized by of Culture and Arts Bureau, JKPS INASIS MAS.

Kanesha A / P Chandran as the Programme Director of the Bolly Fusion Dance Competition, INASIS MAS.

Bolly Fusion Dance Competition is the first programme introduced and hosted by the Culture and Arts, JKPS INASIS MAS in conjunction with the MAS HeyDay 2018, which focuses on the talent show in the field of dance that provides opportunities for all students and students of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

The programme is also a competition and has also been held as one of the exclusive programs organized by the Culture and Arts Bureau, JKPS INASIS MAS in conjunction with the MAS HeyDay 2018.

The competition has been using the Bollywood theme and also some conditions have been given to the participants to enter the competition among them is the song that will be spent minimum need to have two Bollywood songs and the show should be presented in the form of groups that the number of members must be between two to ten in a group.

The competition was officiated by Ms. Sharima Ruwaida Abbas who is the Chairman of the Student Initiative Council (INASIS) of the Northern University of Malaysia, also co-principals and staff administration of INASIS MAS.

Thus, the main jury on the eve of the competition was Mr Jamil bin Mat who was the professional choreographer of the Center for Culture and Art, UUM, Nawee Sukanja A / P Fan who was the EXCO of the MAS INASIS Arts and Culture Bureau and Muhamad Zaid Zafri bun Zulfakhar, who is the Chairman of the Cultural Seat, Culture Center and Arts, UUM. A total of 40 participants from different INASIS students participated in the program.

In addition, in this competition the first place was won by MAS MAS Naach team consisting of INASIS MAS students, second place was won by Djeshtra 2.0 and third place was won by TMC group while consolation fell to Natraya Diwani, Bolly Darbiaz and Natyamela .This competition is to unleash the talent of UUM students and students in dance.

Programme director,

Kanesha A/P Chandran



               Bunga Raya Hall, UUM - This program was held on 22 MARCH 2018 organized by JKPS Malaysia Airlines INASIS Safety and Health Bureau. Jaymitraa A / p Sreetharan has been the programme director of Blood Donation, INASIS MAS.

               The programme of Blood Donation is organized by JKPS INASIS MAS which focuses on serving the community in blood donation and an excellent reference center for Medical Transfusion. Hence, it’s create and maintain a group of safe blood donors.

               To ensure optimum patient care through the proper use of blood. Plus, to establish and maintain cooperative relationships through training, research and development in line with the latest medical practice and technology needs in the latest medical field. The programme is also a practice of maintaining cleanliness of INASIS Malaysia Airlines.

               The programme is supervised under Ms Normizan binti Yusoff, felo of INASIS MAS. Also, 50 participants from INASIS MAS were participated in the programme

Programme Director,

Jaymitraa A/p Sreetharan

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