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INASIS MAS, UUM - This program was held on 23 March 2018 which was hosted by Culture and Arts Bureau, JKPS INASIS MAS and Nawee Sukkanja A/p Fan was the Programme Director of 'Ask Me About Mary Kay'.

18 participants joined the 'Ask Me about Mary Kay' programme and the 'Black and Pink' theme was selected as the theme of the programme's day. The programme lasted for three hours which started with an introductory session on Mary Kay's products continued with skincare sessions and ultimately the basic makeup session using Mary Kay's products.

The 'Ask Me about Mary Kay' program is deliberately held to enhance confidence and self-esteem among college students to look more stylish. It can also guide them how to make basic makeup in the right way.

In addition, the programme will indirectly create awareness among students about the importance of using good and safe cosmetics products. This programme not only provides knowledge about facial care and basic makeup, but also provides the knowledge and opportunities for students to engage in Mary Kay entrepreneurship.

Two beauty consultants of Mary Kay, Mrs. Haslinda and Ms Dayangku and two assistant consultants were invited to share knowledge about facial care, basic makeup and explain a little about how Mary Kay's product was able to generate income for students, housewives and others.

After completing all three sessions, the 'Ask Me about Mary Kay' programme ends with a souvenir session for beauty consultants as well as participants and also with the photo sessions.

Program director,

Nawee Sukkanja A/p Fan


Pesta konvokesyen 30, UUM – The program was held from 15th to 22nd of November 2017 organized by JKPS Malaysia Airlines Student Development Committee (INASIS MAS).

Nor Farzana Binti Kamarudin has been the director of the Cheezy INASIS MAS.

This program is held to generate the income of INASIS MAS during the convocation fest and at the same time to encourage students to venture into entrepreneurship.

The program is in the form of food sales where we has opened up two food stalls. The entrepreneurial bureau has taken the initiative of making banana fried cheese sales and selling western food such goats and chickens. The booth has been operating during the week of the 30th convocation party which opened from 3.00 pm to 11.00 pm. There are a variety of foods offered by this outlet including fried banana cheese, brown fried banana, lamb grill with side dish, cheezy chicken, cheezy roti john, and chicken wrap.

This program aims to hone entrepreneurial skills among INASIS MAS students. In addition, the programme can also establish the identity and experience in which students will interact with customers directly to ensure that the business is running smoothly. In addition, with such a program the students are able to expose themselves to the realities of financial management in the business.

Hence, with such programmes INASIS MAS can produce students with high level of entrepreneurial skills as well as dedicated tasks. Through this programme students are able to balance time in terms of learning and outdoors activities.

Finally, through this programme students can gain experience as an entrepreneur and at the same time become a future job creator.

Programme Director,

Nor Farzana Binti Kamarudin

Fire Drill 1 COLLAGE

HADAPAN KAFE MAS, UUM – The program was held on 21 December 2017 organized by JKPS Safety and Health of INASIS MAS. Jaymitraa A / p Sreetharan has been the Director of INASIS Malaysia Airlines Fire Drill.

The program of Fire Drill Malaysia Airlines is an annual program organized by JKPS INASIS Malaysia Airlines which focuses on safety for INASIS Malaysia Airlines. The program is also a safety training from INASIS Malaysia Airlines emergency situation.

The program is under control of En Rahim bin Ismail which is felo of INASIS Malaysian Airlines. 640 participants from INASIS Malaysia Airlines participated in the program.

Program Director,

Jaymitraa A/p Sreetharan

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