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(Program Kursus Peningkatan Kadar Kebolehpasaran Mahasiswa)

DEWAN KONVENSYEN B, UUM- The program was held on January 20, 2018 until January 30, 2018, organized by Bureau of Academic, Education and Training JKPS INASIS MALAYSIA AIRLINES. Farah Hanim Binti Fadzil has been a Director of Kursus Ejen Kastam (Eksekutif) Siri 2/2018. This program is a professional program which was organized by MAS INASIS in collaboration with the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development (CEDI UUM). The program is an initiative INASIS MAS and CEDI UUM in improving the marketability of Students UUM students to equip themselves with skills such as obtaining additional certificates Royal Malaysian Customs. The program was inaugurated by Dr Mohd Dino Khairri bin Sharifudin, Director of Student Affairs (HEP) UUM. The program was also attended by Dr Mohd Najib bin Mansor, Director of CEDI UUM along principal of INASIS MAS, Dr Mohd Azril bin Ismail and Mohd Fadzil bin Husin, as the coordinator for this program Programs Customs agents.

Customs Agents Course was attended about 215 participants from UUM students. To help improve the marketability of students, UUM has taken the initiative by offering the best package of student valuable lessons Customs agents RM 500-RM 1380 which has been subsidized by the UUM for each student who participated in these courses. Each student who will graduate in UUM strongly encouraged to join this course because a lot of jobs on offer.

Programme Director,

Farah Hanim Binti Fadzil


Main stage of convocation fest, UUM – 20 November 2017, there was a programme “Jodoh Itu Harus Dicari Atau Dinanti” with PU Rozi at the Main Stage of the 30th Convocation Fest. Nurul Salsabila Binti Hasyim as the Exco of Kerohanian, JKPS of INASIS MAS and the director of the “Sembang Santai; Jodoh Itu Harus Dicari Atau Dinanti With PU Rozi".

The program was also attended by Prof Dr Abdul Malek Abdul Karim (TNC HEPA), Dr Mohd Dino Khairri Shariffuddin (Director of HEP), Dr. Mohd Azril Ismail (Principal of INASIS Mas) and Felo of INASIS MAS.

The program was conducted in a relaxed manner aimed at bringing together panel members, PU Rozi and invited moderators, Syamil with audiences present from UUM students, UUM staff and outsiders.

The program is held in conjunction with the 30th convocation week and is aimed at giving exposure to UUM students about the reality of human relations that needs to be maintained in accordance with the nasal and Islamic creed.

Additionally, the program provides students with an overview and guidance on preparing for relationships with people without forgetting the main goal of the human being.

The essence of this program is not just a soul mate but it sees a human relationship from various angles, based on the five principles of sharia maqasid such as the importance of choosing a person based on religion, life, mind, ancestry, and wealth.

In conclusion with such a program, students at UUM are more open in understanding the knowledge of human-based Islamic relationships. It is hoped that such a program can shape the personality of UUM students in order to follow the behavior of the Islamic religion itself.

Sembang Santai Bersama PU Rozi

Inapan Siswa Malaysia Airlines 2017

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