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  Fire Drill programme was held by the Student Leadership and Development Committee of Malaysia Airlines System Student Residential Hall on 27 November 2015. This programme held to provide information and explain the steps that need to be done by all residents of Malaysia Airlines System Student Residential Hall when faced with a real fire situation.

    The purpose of fire drills in student residential hall is so that everyone in the building is aware of how to exit the building in the quickest, easiest and safest way possible if a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergency did occur. About 600 students participated in the programme that started at 01:30 am.

   All students were firstly briefed by the Fire brigade from Bukit Kayu Hitam and subsequently followed by a demonstration of fire fighting which also involved the participation of students. This program has received the cooperation of several departments such as Unit Keselamatan UUM (UK) and Jabatan Pembangunan dan Penyenggaraan UUM (JPP) to ensured that his programme is successfully done. The programme end at 03:30 am.




Nurul Aliah binti Bahrum, 

Project Director,

High Committee,

Malaysia Airlines System

Student Residential Hall

Universiti Utara Malaysia.





(Program Workshop Answering Subject Financial Management)

(BWFF 2033)


    On 27 October 2015 located at Seminar Hall C,STML Building, Bureau of Education, Academic and Training DPP MAS had organized a program in conjunction with the 28th Convocation Fiesta which specifically aiming at students who majored in Finance Banking to prepare them for the upcoming examination.

    Our invited facilitator, En Kharul Azmi, Lecturer of SEFB had gave a lot of contributions in making this programme successful with a lot of knowledge. There were about 150 participations which consisted of Universiti Utara Malaysia students.

    We wish that all participations will obtain abundant of knowledge that can be used in scoring higher marks in their upcoming examination.



Project Director,

Farah Hanim bt Fadzil

Project Director,

Farah Hanim bt Fadzil

Bureau Academic and Training,

DPP Malaysia Airlines (P.A.L.M),

Universiti Utara Malaysia 





23 October 2015 - The program of Counter pointer 2.0 was organized by Bureau Academic and Training, Malaysia Airlines System Student Residential Hall. It was located at Dewan Seminar C, STML, Universiti Utara Malaysia.The objective of this program is to expose the students about the best way how to calculate the pointer and at the same time delivered the effective learning tips for their examination.

  The program was conducted by the motivator, Mr.Nik Zulkamal Bin Nik Hassan from Counseling Centre of Universiti Utara Malaysia to give information and sharing knowledge with the participants. This program was involved 250 participants among the students of UUM.

  Hopefully, this program was able to provide the participants with full of information and easily be shared with other students.






Project Director,

Faziera Binti Ahmad

Bureau Academic and Training,

Malaysia Airlines System Student Residential Hall,

Universiti Utara Malaysia.



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